Dice Roll Surf Option

A dice roll surf option was introduced to our site yesterday.  Only surfing is required to play the dice game and earn credits while doing so.  More credits are earned by choosing this method of surf than hover, click, slots-surf, and card surf.  The idea was implemented to reduce a little boredom while surfing other member pages to earns credits at our site. Dice Roll will soon be available at all our other sites including Lizardsurf, Axelexa, Geckohits, Poetrysurf, Xardrax, Xelalex and Xoirdriox.


The scoring dice are one pair, three of a kind or a 456 straight. Example: one pair of threes and a five scores 5 and equals 2 credits. Any pair combination equals 2 credits. Three of a kind scores whatever number is shown and scores 5 credits. A 4, 5, 6 run equals 3 credits.

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